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To lead you towards a deeper connection to your highest self. To help you learn how to connect to the rhythms of the earth and the moon. To point you in the direction towards your true value and ability to manifest the life you want on and off the mat.

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Ayurveda by the Moon: Defining the Doshas.

In the Ayurveda by the Moon Series, I  share with you some basic knowledge on Ayurveda and Herbs that will give you the tools you need to self-care in order to promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda is the practice of balancing out the elements within to promote health and wellness throughout the … Continue reading Ayurveda by the Moon: Defining the Doshas.

A Resolution to stick to Routine.

Creating routine is crucial to our overall mind, body and spiritual health. When we implement a daily yoga routine or self-care practice, we are acknowledging the importance of taking time for ourselves. Through my own experience of setting goals and tapering off in the middle, I have learned a few tricks to helping me get … Continue reading A Resolution to stick to Routine.

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