Self-Study and Letting Go.

There is a powerful essence that comes with letting go.


Letting go is a key to manifesting what you are calling in. It opens up space for your desires to be met in infinite ways.

Letting go is beneficial when it comes to healing as well, on an energetic and physical level. Energetically, allows us to be more aligned with who we truly are and it is the biggest factor in the process of healing that allows us to bring in the shifts we are needing. Physically, It can allow us to open up in places that need space in our bodies, or release tension in places that need to be relaxed. When we are holding on in the body, it can sometimes a message that we are holding on to something in that energetic area of the body as well.

While it can be so good for us, letting go isn’t always easy and it takes time. It takes faith, courage, trust, and self-compassion. It’s probably one of the hardest things many of us have to do, but it can be done.

I have recently been dealing with my own journey of letting things go.
Energetically, it has shown up as a battle with letting go of what I desire and how I want to see my life manifest, or who I want to manifest into my life and what that ends up looking like. The lesson in all of this keeps bringing me back around to the fact that life flows when there is surrender to the divine design of things.

It doesn’t mean that I give up my desires, but it does mean that I give up the idea of knowing how these desires will manifest into my reality, and I allow things to flow as they will. This can be very hard when one has a deep image of what they want their life to be or emotional ties to certain outcomes.  I believe that while we do have the ability to manifest what we want into this reality, we don’t have full control over how it is going to show up. I find this to be beautiful because it allows for the element of surprise which is so amazing and truly enhances this human experience.  The cycles of the moon remind me of the cyclical nature of this process. We go through our depths, and we meet our highs, and then we do it all over again. Each time around, we discover something new. We bring in something else we’ve always wanted, but we also have to let go to make space. We release what isn’t serving us to the darkness and allow for it to shift and transform into the thing that will support our highest good. This is a process that can take many moons, and while I deeply honor this process, just like anyone else, I can still have a hard time letting go. My self-compassion comes in knowing that I always get the chance to try again. In knowing this, I release little pieces at a time instead of forcing myself to let go of everything all at once.


Physically, this has been showing up in the form of a lower back issue.

With all of the teaching I’ve been doing lately, I’ve been moving my body in many asymmetrical positions as I demonstrate for my classes, and I know this has a bit to do with it, but I also believe in the energetics of things, and  as situations arise that affect me energetically, the pain shows up more to show me that there are things I’m holding on to. One is the hope of connection and relationship and my idea of what that should look like or be. Since our sacral center holds the energy of connection and relationship, it is no surprise that this injury is showing up in the place that it is. It is a dis-ease in the energy body that has manifested in my physical body.  Issues in the sacral chakra region sometimes show up in our reproductive system as impotence, menstrual issues or constipation. In my case, it is showing up in my sacroiliac joints. Intuitively, I feel it is manifesting in this region because this is a place of connection. The sacroiliac joint is where three bones meet. The two ilium bones join at this region with the sacrum, the bone just before your coccyx or tailbone. The from asymmetrical movement and is relieved when we work to create alignment in the area.  Through my asana practice, I am having to learn to hold in the places that are going to serve and release in the places that need to be let go. For example, I have been focusing so much on trying to keep my hips squared that I didn’t realize I was not keeping my head and neck aligned. They were jutting forward, almost as if I were reaching into the future instead of holding my alignment in the present moment. The present moment is actually filled with a lot of beauty and so much of what I desire is already here!

The adjustments I have made are holding my head up high and in alignment with my spine. this helps for my core to be aligned and my sacrum to be in the right position. I am also needing to hold the slight outward rotation of my upper thighs in my daily life and my yoga poses. This allows for my joints to be properly aligned and it eases the pain. What this shows me energetically is that I need to be more open. When I hold on to what I can’t control, I am closed off to the deeper possibilities of connection.

I wanted to share this with you because I think it is a great example of how many of our dis-eases are rooted in the energetic body first. When we take to time to drop deeply into svadhyaya (self-study) we can often find the root of what ails us, and if we feel brave enough to travel into these depths, and let go, it could be the key to our healing. Just a reminder that you have the tools you need to heal, it just takes a willingness to dive in and sometimes guidance in learning how.

Love and Moonlight.

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2 thoughts on “Self-Study and Letting Go.

  1. I love your writing style, it’s so beautiful and therapeutic if that makes sense! Thanks for sharing xx


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