New Moon in Aquarius Energy.

new moon in aquarius

What’s is something in your life you have been holding on to that has been distracting you from focusing on what you want or keeping you in a low energy state of mind?

The energy of the Aquarius new moon is calling you to step back and see the bigger picture, or better yet, create the bigger picture!

If there is currently something in your life that doesn’t look the way you want it to look or make you feel how you want to be feeling, then it is time to see it, make peace with it, and let it go!

This process can be hard, especially when the very thing we need to release form our life once brought us joy, comfort, or some sense of feeling loved.

It could be that you are feeling stagnant in a relationship that doesn’t make you feel whole or respected. Or maybe you’re trying to hold space for an ex-lover who is feeding you bread crumbs but never inviting you to sit down to the full meal.

It could be that you are dealing with old eating habits that are starting to affect your energy and your health. Maybe it’s gotten to a point where if you don’t make changes it could be detrimental.

You may even be dealing with addictions and you no longer want to be in a codependent space. You may have started doing something because it made you feel good, and now you can’t figure out how to make yourself feel good on your own.

If any of this energy is deeply resonating with you, then I want you to know that you’re not alone and you’re never broken.

Actually, I can relate!

I myself am currently undergoing a month-long deep cleansing process that is challenging me to look at old habits and situations in my life that no longer serve me.

The truth is, many of these old things that I am currently letting go provided me with a great deal of comfort at one point in time, but they didn’t truly make me happy.

They kept me from stepping into my true power and self-love.

Imagine being a plant that has the potential to be a tree, but is being kept in a pot that doesn’t have space for the roots to expand to their maximum potential.

If you know anything about plants then you know that this situation does not sustain life for the being.

That being is you, and up until recently, it was me too!

As I have allowed the things that have kept me stuck or feeling disempowered to be cleansed physically and energetically, I realized that I was able to grow in ways that at one point I was only able to see in my dreams.

You also deserve the chance to cleanse your body, cleanse your energy, and create space for what you are calling in. Because of that, I decided that I will be offering a Virtual New Moon Manifestation Circle tomorrow, February 4th at 7 p.m. PST.

I want this to be accessible to anyone in any place that is looking for help with letting go of what no longer serves them and calling I what does, I am offering this for free over a zoom conference call, and it will be recorded so that anyone who signs up can have access to the replay.

In this circle, you will be held in a space that supports you in letting go of what no longer is serving you in your current state of reality. I will guide you through a writing prompt that will help you to set powerful intentions what you are ready to call in and we will amplify your energy around manifesting these intentions into reality with a guided visualization.

By the end of this circle, you will be equipped with some powerful practices that you can use every new moon or any time you are feeling stagnant or stuck and are ready for something new.

Come ready to share, shed what no longer serves you and bit held in powerful energy as you do the work of calling in the life you are ready to manifest. sign up here, and tune in tomorrow evening, the evening of the full moon at 7 p.m. PST.

Love and Moonlight!

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