Stepping Into Your Dreams

 Step into your dreams!

How many times have you had an idea about a workshop you wanted to hold or a product you wanted to create in service to others?

Maybe you’ve spent years studying something that you only considered to be a hobby then one day, inspiration hit and you realized that this hobby could turn into a business.

Maybe you’re someone who has worked with certain modalities to facilitate your well being for years, and you are feeling the call to share what you know with others.

If this sounds anything like you, then this article is going to help you expand beyond the limiting belief that what you have to offer in this world is not going to be valuable.  

It’s time to step into your dreams! 

As women, we are prone to feeling as if we aren’t smart enough, attractive enough, or worthy enough to go for what it is we want. 

Often times we put our dreams on the back burner to support others and end up with no time or energy for ourselves or our vision.  

You may be someone who sees others in the world advancing in what that they do, and you immediately think that they have something supporting them that you don’t but you can’t figure out what it is. 

I’m going to share with you the secret to their success…

You just have to take the first step! 

Step Into Your Dreams

While this seems simple, I know that it’s much easier said than done. 

 I’m all too familiar with the fear and anxiety that can arise around getting started because at one point I was exactly where you are today. 

I would attend yoga classes, listen to podcasts, and watch youtube videos from successful teacher and entrepreneurs. I would take online courses and be so inspired as I imagined what it might be like to be able to share my own wisdom in these ways and get paid to do what I love. 

I would find myself filled with excitement and inspiration!

Then, inevitably, a little voice in my mind would tell me that I would never succeed. 

This led me down the path of trying to define my worth and build up my credentials because I thought that without certifications or a degree, no one would take me seriously in my profession.

 I spent thousands of dollars on courses where I was just reviewing the information I had already learned through the books and hands-on experience I had gained.  I would receive certifications just to find that when I did work with clients, no one would even ask about them! They were just happy to receive guidance and knowledge they didn’t have themselves. 

I’m not saying that I didn’t learn a lot from these courses and I am super grateful for what I’ve learned, however, It wasn’t long before I realized that I was using further education as an excuse not to put myself out there.

I thought maybe I would be ready if I took just one more course, or waited just a little bit longer.

I learned some valuable lessons from my experiences and I want to share these lessons with you in hopes that it saves you some of the money,  time and effort you might put into thinking you are not good enough. My hope is that this helps you gain the courage you need to get your ideas out into the world.

Let’s dive in

Lesson 1: Take the First Step!  

If you have an idea and the inspiration to make it happen, don’t let anything kill your spirit! Take this energy moving through you as a reminder that you are meant to have or do what it is you are dreaming up. Taking the first step will create the moment you need to keep moving. Many times you’ll find that if you just get started on a project, no matter what type of nervous energy is present, you won’t want to stop until the project is complete. Be patient with your self and your journey. 

This might mean many deep breaths and a few work brakes here and there to keep you going and that’s okay.

You are inherently worthy and nothing outside of you can determine your worth, It all comes from within! Take a chance, take that first step and know that you will be lead in the right direction. It’s one thing to sit around and dream, but an entirely different thing actually get out there and make your dreams a reality. How else will you change the world?

Start Before You're Ready- Marie Forleo

Lesson 2: Eliminate the Fear

Let go of the fear of what others will think. 

Let go of the fear of not doing it right the first time. 

The only way we are able to learn in this world is from experience. When I first started teaching yoga, I had no clue what I was doing. I just decided to set up a weekly class in the park, I invited my friends, I wasn’t even certified and I hadn’t learned anything about sequencing or alignment. I was just going off of the knowledge I had cultivated from my own personal practice.

 I was terrified to teach, but I didn’t let the fear of doing it wrong stop me from what my soul was yearning to do. 

I was craving to connect with others and share a practice that had helped me find a space of sacred balance, so I went for it and let the fear go. This is how it all starts. When you follow the call and the universe will rise to support you, and when you do this fearlessly, you will be able to say yes to the opportunities that will help develop our craft over time. 

Don't Die with your Song still in you- Wayne Dyer

Lesson 3: Release the Illusion of perfection

No one is perfect and nothing in this world is perfect. The sooner you embrace this the better.  You can’t expect to be a master at something when you’ve only just started and no one else will expect this of you either. This is where the relationship between passion and skill comes into play.

We all have passion even from the beginning, but we may not have the skill level we want quite yet. Skill comes with experience so let your passion lead you to the experience and you will no doubt cultivate the skill. 

Lesson 4: Stop Comparing Your Success to the Success of Others

This is the last and most important lesson I want to share with you. 

Comparison can kill your drive. 

When you are only focused on comparing our success to the success of others, you may start to think that you don’t have what it takes to succeed in your own endeavors. It may be hard to see how you can do what those people are doing and this only leads to intimidation.

 The thing is, you are not meant to do what they are doing the way they do it! 

You came to this earth with your own dreams and individual purpose and when you allow your purpose to shine through you this is when you will thrive. If you are trying to do things that other people are doing, then you risk losing your essence. You might also start to feel that you are a failure because you are not able to move at the pace of the people you are idolizing. 

Imagine what it would feel like not to have the pressure to be as good as someone else hanging over you. Do what it takes to stop yourself from comparing your now to someone else’s. Stay focused on all of your own personal wins, big or small, and celebrate you! When you can cut out the comparison and show up for yourself in this way, you’ll be able to show up and shine 10 times more brightly in your field and to the people you are here to impact. 

Your Truth is sexy- Lisa Nichols

So let’s review! 

  1. Take the First step
  2. Eliminate the Fear
  3. Release the Illusion of Perfection
  4. Stop Comparing Your Success to the Success of Others

Go ahead and give it a try, you have nothing to lose and experience to gain!

My hope is that this article has helped to remove some fears or blocks you may have around stepping into your dream life. If you have any fears that were not addressed in this article, share them below and let’s see what we can do to clear that energy and get you on your path! 

You can always reach out for personal coaching as well! Sometimes it only takes a little bit of encouragement and someone holding space to make a huge difference. 

Love and Elevation!

C.J. Thomas

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