5 Things You Do that Block Your Business Flow

5 things you do to Block Your Business Flow.

You are an entrepreneur and you’ve known it ever since you first stepped foot into the workforce and realized that taking orders and sitting at a desk or working a schedule you didn’t make yourself wasn’t gonna fly. 

While working for others is a challenge for you, It’s amazing you were able to learn this about yourself so early on, or else you wouldn’t be on the path you are on now, which is the path of being in service and sharing your creative and spiritual gifts with people you care about.

Running your own business is so much fun, but what do you do when your energy seems to be off? While you are so happy to be doing what you love, you’ve come to realize that blocks happen! You trust and value the flow but, you also recognize the ebbs and sometimes it feels like you’re the only one experiencing them.

It’s hard to talk about it with your peers because you don’t want to ruin anyone else’s vibration. Your biggest fear is affirming something that could continue to challenge your business and you don’t want to do that either! 

I’m here to put it all on the table for you so you know that you aren’t alone. 

You can consider this article to be the tough love and the look in the mirror you need to help you realize what changes it’s time to make so you can start to thrive on your Priestessprenuer path. 

The only reason I know these are problems for you is because they were problems for me too, and sometimes still are!

Here are 5 things you do that block the flow in your business. 

1. You’re working too hard!

We all know being an entrepreneur means working harder than most people with a 40 hour a week job. When you work doing what you love and your goal is to serve the world in a powerful way, this is typically an easy price to pay.  

However, sometimes we forget to take a break. 

Taking a day off or a few hours out of your day to care for yourself and connect with the ones you love is so important. The truth is when we start to work ourselves to the bone, and we aren’t seeing results, this can create resentment, health issues and even resistance in our business. 

If you want to be in this for the long haul and keep helping people for years to come, finding the balance and knowing when to let go and let flow is of the utmost importance! 

2. You’re focusing on all the wrong things.

How often do you focus on all of the things that are going right with your business?

Do you take the weekly or even daily to reflect on all of the aspects of your business that you are grateful for? 

Odds are, if you’re stressed about your business and all you can see are blocks then you’re gonna have some negative answers to the questions above.  The thing is, energy goes where your attention flows.

 If you are constantly focusing on the fact that you haven’t had any new clients for the past month, or that you aren’t making the same amount of money you used to, then you are filling up your cup with negative energy tea and it’s going to taste pretty bitter going down. 

Instead, try looking for all of the things that are going right and see how you can put more time into those aspects of your business. Odds are, things will start to turn around. 

3. You’re not honoring your true value.

Historically, women have had to struggle to get respect and be valued in so many different aspects of life, and many of us still do. This can take a toll on how we view ourselves. 

I once worked with an abundance coach by the name of Mary Kneble, and she taught me something incredibly important that I will never forget. 

Abundance lies within. 

If you aren’t acting as if you deserve a million bucks, you sure as hell aren’t going to get a million bucks. You’ll be lucky if you even get 25! You have to decide and truly believe you are valuable before the world believes you are. 

Be your own biggest fan! You don’t have to be cocky, just know that you are worthy, and this will help you present yourself with value to potential clients. 

4. You’re keeping yourself in a box.

Are you keeping yourself small based on past experiences?

Maybe you’ve tried marketing your business a certain way a few years back, and you aren’t willing to try it again to see if you’ll get different results. 

Or, here’s a big one, you know that social media marketing is going to really expand your business, but you don’t want to take the time to deal with it all. 

If you are stuck in your old ways, and you are stuck in your business as well, you can bet there’s a connection. Be open and flexible and this will allow your energy to flow and opportunity to flow with it. 

Maybe you really are too stressed out to deal with social media, making new flyers and business cards, or creating content. If so, then outsourcing these projects is the way to go. 

 Find someone who will help you with the things that challenge you. Collaboration is a beautiful thing and when you work with the right person it could make a huge difference! 

5. You’re just too scared to take risks.

The thing about business is that nothing is ever guaranteed. If you have an idea you’ve been waiting to put out into the world, then the only way to know if it is going to succeed is to take a risk and put yourself out there.

It might not be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. Plus we have a responsibility to show up for others if we are feeling called to be of service. So don’t let your fear hold you back from doing what you were brought here to do. 

When anxiety strikes, sit with it, watch it from a place of observation. See if you can figure out where that fear is coming from. Then make the choice to breathe deeply and see all of the ways that show up for yourself and the world will make a positive impact and go for it! 

At the End of the day…

 It’s only when we step back, take a deep breath and tap into mindfulness around what’s blocking us that we can fully and truthfully see our patterns. Once we do, we have the opportunity to make the changes necessary to move forward. 

Now it’s your turn to share. Tell me what habits keep you blocked in business in the comments below. Bring it to the surface so you can clear it and bring on the flow! 

Love and Elevation! 

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