About Life by the Moon Yoga

Who Am I?

I am C.J. Thomas, Hatha Yoga teacher and creator of Life by the Moon Yoga.
I live my life by he moon through my awareness of the moon phases and how the energy affects my life and emotions from day to day. I Have rooted my life in a practice of yoga that has brought me much healing, and transformation. Through combining my love of yoga and my knowledge of how to go with the flow of the moon phase, I have learned how to manifest a beautiful and abundant life full of self care, positivity, and connection with my true purpose in life.

My Journey Here

I have been through many ups and downs. I have experienced loss, the struggle that comes with working 5 jobs just to make a living, and the detriment of living an unhealthy lifestyle. All of these things rolled up into one made me feel as though I was stuck in the mud, and my soul was crying out for a solution. One day I stumbled upon a podcast where a woman was explaining how the moon phases effect our emotions and our overall life, and how we could work with the phases to learn self care, self compassion and develop a powerful knowledge of manifestation.
This got me thinking. If I could combine my love of yoga with a healthy knowledge of the moon phases, that might be the key I’ve been looking for to change my life. I was right! This is how Life by the Moon Yoga was created!

If you are looking for guidance toward a healthy Yoga practice, and a path towards deep transformational change, then Life by the Moon Yoga is for you.

My service to you

1 on 1 Private Skype Classes

1 on 1 Coaching calls

In Person Private Yoga Classes

Various Scheduled Group Yoga Classes

Through development of my practice, I have created 6 keys to manifestation that I incorporate into my Hatha yoga training. This teaches you how to embody the energy of powerful manifestation on the mat, so that you can consciously begin to incorporate it into your daily life. Combing this energy with the knowledge of the moon phases and how to use them to create, I have developed a practice that allows you to have the power to achieve your wildest dreams and live your ideal life by the moon!

Write by the Moon 28-day Journal Companion!