Consenting to Discomfort.

I have recently been leading a community consent circle based on the #MeToo movement that recently went viral on Facebook. When I saw that this was happening, I was so proud of all of the people I knew who were tapping into their vulnerability and sharing their stories. I realized that while this was such … Continue reading Consenting to Discomfort.

Ayurveda by the Moon: Defining the Doshas.

In the Ayurveda by the Moon Series, I  share with you some basic knowledge on Ayurveda and Herbs that will give you the tools you need to self-care in order to promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda is the practice of balancing out the elements within to promote health and wellness throughout the … Continue reading Ayurveda by the Moon: Defining the Doshas.

A Resolution to stick to Routine.

Creating routine is crucial to our overall mind, body and spiritual health. When we implement a daily yoga routine or self-care practice, we are acknowledging the importance of taking time for ourselves. Through my own experience of setting goals and tapering off in the middle, I have learned a few tricks to helping me get … Continue reading A Resolution to stick to Routine.