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This is an ongoing support group centered around sexual assault and broken boundaries. This is a safe and confidential container where one can come to be heard and energetically held so that you can bring to the surface the wounds that are calling to be heald. This group is not meant to fix or shame anyone, it is meant to provide a space to bring the pain and trauma of sexual assault and broken boundaries to the surface and allow the natural healing process to follow. We also dive into exercises around self-empowerment and setting boundaries. The goal is to continue the powerful work of the #MeToo movement in our everyday lives by meeting with and being supported by a community. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about this event. This group is free and open to all genders. While I offer this group for free, I also encourage you to make a donation to the #MeToo movement so that the support of survivors and efforts towards ending sexual violence can continue and thrive.

Work With Me 1 on 1 

1 on 1 Private Yoga Sessions

This is a customized practice based on your personal needs.

I lead you through poses and a relaxing savasana to help bring you to a place of balance vitality, relaxation, and ease.

we can work out a time that coincides with your schedule!

1 hour session/ $65

5 session Bundle/ $300

Mind Body Spirit Life Coaching

This option is for those of you who are looking to align with your highest self through deep exploration into what is throwing you off balance and assessing the best way to bring you back into a state of equilibrium. I work with deep practices on healing past and present wounds, Ayurveda, Empowerment practices and more through. My experience comes from the work I’ve done with Ayurveda at Banyan Botanicals as well as training on holding sister circles, goddess-warrior training with HeatherAsh Amara and 200-hr yoga teacher training. 

What You Receive:

A safe and confidential container for you to express yourself,  your situation, and your needs.

Ayurvedic insight into your constitution and how it relates to certain emotional and psychological imbalances you may be experiencing. 

A personalized daily routine to help you find your balance.

Guided writing prompts tailored to your needs that we work through together.

Guidance on Healing Past and present wounds and self-empowerment. 

This can be done in person or over Skype or Zoom.  

1 hour/$65

5 session Bundle/ $300

contact me for payment information.

Take your growth into your own hands!

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