Manifestation online course

In this course I will be sharing with you some powerful tools for aligning to your highest self, clearing old beliefs that no longer support you, and changing your point of attraction so that you can start manifesting the life you’ve always wanted to live.

You’ve heard a lot about manifestation, and you’re probably wondering if any of the stuff you’ve heard actually works!

What if I told you that you could manifest a home, a car, amazing opportunities, money and so much more?

I have always said that to see it, we need to believe it, and in this course, I show you how to align your core beliefs with your desires so that you can start manifesting the life you’ve always wanted to live! 

After completing this powerful 28-day course, You are bound to see drastic changes around how you view yourself and the world. More importantly, you will align with your truth and your power!

 You will learn to lead your life from a place of deep truth, passion, and knowing that everything you want is coming to you! 

Yoga and Manifestation

What you can expect from this online course :

28 Daily inspirational videos.

28 Daily journal exercise.

28 Daily meditation prompts and mantras.

Access to the Create in 28! Facebook Community.

Bonus material to help keep you in Alignment!

Downloadable PDF Workbook.

How can I be so sure that this course will work? Simple, everything I’m sharing in this course has guided me along my manifestation path for years, and I’ve always wanted to use what I’ve learned to serve others.

Now, I am sharing everything I know with you!

If you are ready for a journey of deep transformation, then purchase the course below!

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