Personalized Moon Readings

Align with the energies of the moon cycle

These moon readings take information from your Natal chart to create a personalized view on what to expect as you manifest with the cycle of the moon!

Receive personal guidance from the new moon to the full moon

Each day is broken down for you with information about the astrological placement of the moon and how it pertains to you and your natal chart,

Learn what challenges may prize for you during each day of the moon cycle form new moon to full moon.

Align to the moon cycle, create corresponding intentions, and stay in the flow as you manifest you intentions.

Speak with me one on one as I guide you through your personalized moon chart

Schedule a zoom session that I will record and send to you to refer back to so you don’t miss a moment of information!

We’ll take a deep dive into your chart and even pull some intuitive oracle cards to bring in further guidance so you can feel fully supported in your reading!

Receive advice on how to stay in alignment throughout each day of the moon cycle from the new moon to the full moon

(Depending on when you sign up, your chart will reflect either the first or second half of the moon cycle.)

Contact me to claim your moon reading for the month!

Payments for your personalized reading are $33 an hour and are capped at a 3 hour maximum. This includes the time it takes to create your personalized chart.