Finally… A cleanse with realistic expectations and lasting results?

Hit the reset button on your health and wellness in just 2 weeks! 

Tired of feeling sluggish and dull?Never cleansed before?
Don’t even know where to start?

Then this group cleanse is for you!

Help your body heal itself!

Reconnect to your own sacred energy

Release the toxins of the past for a better more balanced future! 

During the sexy sacred balance group cleanse You will :

Be Supported on Your Journey

You’ll receive access to a private facebook group where you can share your wins and your struggles, ask questions, and interact with fellow cleansers PLUS daily motivational e-mails.
Feel 100% supported as you take your cleanse journey.

Never Go Hungry

Learn how to heal your relationship to food and eating in a powerful way.

With the Sexy Sacred Balance Cleanse, You’ll never go hungry!
You’ll receive recipes, a list of foods that meet your specific needs, and a daily meal plan!

Practice Radical Self Care

You’ll learn about the Ayurvedic take on living an optimal lifestyle. I’ll show you how to implement a daily routine based on ancient wisdom and connecting to what’s sacred in your every day life.  You’ll come out feeling fully revitalized, recharged, and better than ever before!

Cleansing shouldn’t be about starvation and BOGUS expectations. It should be about reconnecting to your body’s innate ability to heal its self!

What is the Sexy Sacred Balance Group Cleanse?

  • A seasonal cleanse that will align you with the rhythms of nature 
  • A practice that can heal your relationship to food and your body
  • A sustainable ancient practice that can easily be implemented into your daily life
  •  A 100% supported cleanse you don’t have to do alone
  • Full of affordable meal suggestions packed with nutrients and life force energy
  • The Reset button you’ve been looking for to make you feel like a brand new person!

What the Sexy Sacred Balance Cleanse is not…

  • Expensive supplements that break the bank
  • Unrealistic guidelines that deplete your energy
  • Results that are not sustainable
  • Unsustainable meal plans that only consist of juice and water
  • Reversed effects only weeks after the cleanse

How do I know any of this to be true?

Because I’ve been on the same journey!
After losing my mother, I took on some super unhealthy habits that threw me completely off balance. I’m talking late nights, binge eating, sleeping in, and low activity.
When I was introduced to Ayurvedic cleansing, I found the key to my own sexy sacred balance.
I feel more connected to my body, my health and my vitality in a brand new way. 
It’s truly like hitting the reset button on my life every time I cleanse. When I began, I had never cleansed before in my life, I was overweight, fatigued, constantly feeling bloated and gassy, and never felt like I could eat the right thing to make me feel better. 

When I discovered the power of Ayurvedic cleansing,EVERYTHING changed, 

  • I lost 10 pounds of toxins from my body in 14 days!
  •  Acne and discoloration on my skin cleared up
  • My overall mood improved drastically
  • I became more active
  • I cultivated healthier eating habits and healed my relationship to food
  • I felt like a whole new person! 

These practices changed my life which is why I know they can change yours too!
It’s time to reset and revitalize your mind, body, and spirit!



  hours  minutes  seconds



FACT: You can’t live a happy and healthy life without taking action.

My promise to you…

I can’t guarantee you results or happiness, only you control that. What I can do is guarantee that I stand behind this cleanse 100%. I want you to succeed at feeling your absolute best! And the best thing I can do to help you succeed is to make it as easy as possible for you to try. 

  If by the end of you’re 14 day cleanse you are not thrilled with the results… if you don’t come out on the other side feeling confident, aligned, and better than you did before… if you’re just not impressed, let me know you’re not happy. I’ll give you some free 1-on-1 support. We’ll see what we can do to pinpoint your challenges and make it right. 

If you sign up for the cleanse and change your mind within 7 days of your enrollment, I’ll give you all your money back, no questions asked. 

I’m that sure of this cleanse…

and I’m that sure of you! 

So let’s do this together!

This Group Cleanse only happens twice a year and is limited to 35 participants! 

Don’t loose your spot!

Connect to Your Sexy Sacred Balance!